Monday, April 15, 2024

Study Explains Why So Many Guys Send Unsolicited Dick Pics

Most men said that they sent these images in hopes of having sex, finding a romantic or sexual partner or for personal gratification, in that order.

Dick pics are a pretty common sight for women with smartphones. And thanks to social media, it’s not uncommon to get an unsolicited pic from total strangers. Despite the fact that dick pics have become a sort of joke shared among women and an unfortunate staple of this day and age, having someone harass your phone with them sucks, marking a clear divide between genders.

Some researchers wanted to know why unsolicited dick pics were so popular, publishing their findings in the Journal of Sex Research. Over 1,000 men were surveyed for the study, with all of them filling out a questionnaire anonymously. The men were straight and ranged between the ages of 16 and 72. Nearly half, 48% had sent unsolicited genital images and 52% of them had not, which is how researchers were able to track differences among groups.

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The study predictably found that most men send unsolicited pics of their genitalia in hopes of having sex or that they’ll get some nudes in exchange. Men are also more likely to send these images if they’re young and single, with their reasons for sharing the images varying from person to person.

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Narcissistic Tendencies

Men who sent these images tended to score higher on the narcissistic scale and also scored higher on “benevolent” and “hostile” sexism (the former is the kind of sexism that puts women on a pedestal and the latter is the one that is based on negative views of women). Most men said that they sent these images in hopes of having sex, finding a romantic or sexual partner or for personal gratification, in that order.

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The category of personal gratification was an interesting one for researchers since they thought that the modern day dick pick fulfilled the same kind of role as flashers and exhibitionist, who find sexual pleasure in these behaviors. The study’s results show that this isn’t the case, and that a high percentage of men think that sending these images is expected and part of the norm.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing some nudes. Things get murky when people get sketchy about it, sending images to strangers or to people they know without their consent. Even if your intentions are the most honorable, ask first. Don’t be a creep.


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