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The 5 Weirdest Sex Stories From 2017

It’s the beginning of a new year, which means that it’s safe to revisit all the crazy shit that happened in 2017. Even though it’s only January, we’ve had some distance, which allows us to look back and laugh.

Last year was a year filled with strange events, and sex was not exempt. Men’s Health compiled a list of the weirdest things that happened to people when it comes to sex and dating, and it made us feel like we have the sex life of a boring old dinosaur.

Check out 5 of our favorites: 

Cops Caught Them Having Public Sex But There’s More

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In La Crosse County, Wisconsin, the police received a 911 call reporting that someone was suspiciously looking into cars, followed by the sounds of vigorous moaning. The police arrived on the scene and discovered a couple having sex in a car. When they asked them to stop, they didn’t.

Via Men’s Health:

“No, bro, I’m trying to fuck.”


The Politician Who Detailed His Sexual History On His Campaign Website

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Democrat Noah Dyer, from California, didn’t wait for a sex scandal to blow up, like normal politicians do, instead, he decided to put everything out there, including his casual sexual encounters, open relationships, group sex experiences, and affairs. His approach is refreshing, but is it necessary? We don’t wanna know that much, Noah.

This Dude Who Had Such A Great Orgasm, He Went Blind In One Eye

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This British man supposedly lost his sight after an orgasm. He went to the doctor where they found a small hemorrhage that occurred due to the strains in his muscles as he orgasmed.

The Couple Who Had Sex For 30 Days Straight

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A couple posted on Reddit that they were planning to have sex at least once every day for the entirety of a month. Each partner had a veto day, and holidays, and business trips would also be taken into consideration. The challenge got progressively more complicated, from having sex before bed, to having 5 orgasms a day. So stressful.

Smoking Marijuana Gave Her Spontaneous Orgasms For A Month

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A woman in the Netherlands reported that she’d had a five hour sex session after smoking marijuana that left her having spontaneous orgasms for the following five weeks. The orgasms lasted for hours at a time and they occurred when she was laying down.


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