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The 5 Weirdest Things That Happened At The 2018 Emmys

This year’s Emmy Awards tried their best to adapt to a world that no longer seems interested in award shows. They switched their showtime to a Monday instead of Sunday, and they added two hosts instead of one. We’re sure they did other things to attract more viewers but the ratings still dropped. Deadline reports that this year’s ceremony pulled 10.7 million viewers, a record-low for TV’s biggest night.

While ratings are just ratings and weren’t going to change no matter what, this year’s Emmys were received by the audience in a very luke-warm manner. Everyone looked kind of bored to be there, and co-hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che seemed like they thought the event was stupid. While the show tried to remain entertaining and innovative, it was kind of dull. There were some strange highlights and good memes though; check out 5 of the best:

That proposal

When Glenn Davis was awarded Best Director for a Variety special, he took the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend, leaving all audience members shocked and not knowing which face to make. People were very nervous that his girlfriend would say no and run off from the show, submitting them to three hours of more awkward torture. Luckily for all of us she said yes, and provided a sweet and genuine moment in an otherwise dull show.

The musical number

Kate Mckinnon Dancing GIF by Emmys - Find & Share on GIPHY

The awards show kicked off with a funny musical number that brought out RuPaul and Sandra Oh, and sang about minorities and the fact that this year’s the Emmys were much more inclusive because there were members of different races and sexualities represented. It was funny and the addition of Kenan Thompson and Kate McKinnon would be missed throughout the rest of the show.

The audience’s reaction shots

John Legend Lol GIF by Emmys - Find & Share on GIPHY

Chrissy Teigen, Keri Russel and Betty Gilpin all had memorable reactions that were caught on camera. Chrissy’s was the most human, shying away from camera despite the fact that it’s a wide shot, and there’s nowhere to run. Keri Russel created a great meme with her amazing shrug, and Betty Gilpin was just extremely shocked after Glenn Davis proposal. Who can blame her?

Teddy Perkins

The iconic character from “Atlanta” made a surprise appearance at the Emmys. No one really focused on him and only couple of screenshots were caught, but it was a very weird and puzzling moment. First off, who was wearing the mask? In the show, the character is portrayed by Donald Glover but Glover was spotted among the crowd. Maybe someone’s trolling us, or maybe Teddy Perkins really exists.

Jeff Daniels thanks his horse

During the first hour of the show Jeff Daniels won Best Supporting Actor in a Limited Series, taking the opportunity to thank his horse Apollo. It was random and cute, and a lot of people thought that it was also very entertaining, which paints a pretty accurate picture of the ceremony’s mood.



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