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The 9 Ridiculous Ways Texans Are Battling Ice This Winter

A few weeks into 2018 and the weather has been…unpredictable. Example: It snowed and sleeted all over Texas this week. This rarely happens and left many residents baffled on how to combat their suddenly frozen windshields.

Somehow, this is the second time it’s snowed in Texas in the past few months, with rare reports of snowfalls in Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. And because it almost never snows or freezing rains in Texas, many locals found themselves without the proper tools to deal with the weather conditions. That meant no snow tires, no snow shovels, and no ice scrapers for their cars.

So how did these Texans remove the ice and snow from their cars before driving to work and school? They got creative, in ways both brilliant and idiotic. Before you ask, yes, some people threw hot water on their frozen windshields and cracked them.

Anyways here are the nine creative ways Texans dealt with the snow and icy conditions.


Kitchen Spatulas

…and BBQ spatulas

Gift Cards (featuring JJ Watt!)

Tamale Spreaders


Sadly, An Entire Bottle Of Tito’s Vodka

Coat Hangers

Kayak Paddles


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