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8 Best Memes From Mark Zuckerberg’s US Senate Appearance

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke in front of the US Senate this week, addressing Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which the personal information of millions of users was accessed and manipulated. This was obviously a prime time for memes.

Zuckerberg was extremely awkward, but most of all… calm? In front of senators? And he was wearing a suit? That was one of the most puzzling things of all. Still, even though Zuckerberg was being questioned by elders regarding how social media works, a demanding task, he managed to answer some questions and to say I’m sorry a dozen times.

At the end of the day, people kind of forgot about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Everyone was just watching for the awkwardness and the memes. Check out some of our favorites:

Of course, “The Social Network” had to be brought into this. If only Aaron Sorkin had waited a few years to write the script. Maybe he’ll write a sequel.


Again, it’s really hard to explain to old people how social media works. Especially the technical side. Every person who’s set up their parents’ Wi-Fi can relate.

Who can ever forget Tom from MySpace?  Simpler times.

The most iconic moment of all was when Senator Orrin Hatch asked Zuckerberg how Facebook sustains a business when they don’t charge people for joining. Mark’s reply was simple, “Senator, we run ads.”


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