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The Best Super Bowl LII Moments That Had Nothing To Do With Football

Though the Super Bowl is a football game that crowns the NFL champion, the Super Bowl itself isn’t really about football at all. Really, it’s one giant annual media event, a fusion of celebrity, royalty, and bottom feeders like no other. It’s a place where the most random person can capture our collective attention for no reason at all, other than a camera was placed on them when we all were looking.

This is why the Super Bowl is such a fantastic breeding ground for memes. The field didn’t disappoint this year either, as many awkward and outrageous moments were captured to our great delight. Here are our favorites.

Kid Has No Idea Who Justin Timberlake Is

Every year, the Super Bowl has a halftime performance, and every year, it’s the reliable wash bin receptacle to witness major media’s corniest ideas. For example, did you see Justin Timberlake perform Sunday night? The best parts were when he just danced and sang, instead of trying to display how BIG and IMPORTANT he was through extra bells and whistles.

Okay I lied. The actual best part was when, to end his set, JT climbed into the stands and found an adorable, brace-faced teenager who he could sling his arm around. Only problem was the kid appeared absolutely bewildered, like he had zero idea who Timberlake was and knew none of the words to “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”

He became a meme within the hour. He is now known as #SelfieKid:

Kevin Hart Is Denied

If you’re anyway familiar with his career, you know how strongly Kevin Hart represents his hometown of Philadelphia. He attended the Super Bowl and when his Philadelphia Eagles won, Hart found himself among the on-field pandemonium after the game. But that wasn’t good enough for Hart.

As players walked onto a makeshift podium for the trophy presentation, Hart tried to join. But the security guard wasn’t having any of Hart’s antics, and the camera captured the comedian drunkenly stomping his feet.

But worry not: Hart found his way onto at least one stage Sunday night. For our benefit, not his, there was a camera there, too.

Philly Fans Rage

Ahead of the possibility of a win, Philadelphia police greased the city’s light poles with motor oil to deter any possible vandalizing. You will not be surprised to learn that did not dissuade the Philly faithful. Here’s a roundup of the wildest videos from their streetside celebration.


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