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What Your Instagram Posts Say About Your Personality

It’s not all about what you post but also how you post photos on Instagram that tell a lot about you. For instance, did you know there are certain filters that can detect depression and popularity?

This eye-opening information comes from SheerLuxe, a beauty and lifestyle publication that wrangled a bunch of personality (disordered and otherwise) studies to get to the bottom of why people’s IG photos look the way they do. We all follow somebody who fits one of these categories to a tee. How many do you know?

Instagram Filters

Researchers at Harvard University were able to pin-point depression better than doctors by looking at a patient’s Instagram feed. No joke. Turns out, people who use the Inkwell filter aren’t fans of Alfred Hitchcock (well, maybe they are), they potentially suffer from depression.  Actually, those who are depressed tend not to use any filters at all, but when they do, they opt for black and white.

On the opposite end of the color spectrum, scientists at Yahoo Labs discovered that the filters that get the most “likes” are Valencia and Mayfair because of their warm tones, exposure and contrast.

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Healthy Habits

Now, on to those people who looooooove to post photos of themselves being super healthy, whether that means snapping a pic of their morning green smoothie or an ab shot in the mirror of their gym’s locker room. Scientists have determined what we already knew: these people are likely narcissists. They believe that everyone prides themselves on physical appearance and don’t understand what the deal is when their pics don’t rack up a bunch of heart clicks.

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And when it comes to romance, posting a bunch of lame pics of your partner is anything but. We’re talking photos that look like your partner is annoyed or caught off guard performing a very casual act, like sitting on the couch or brushing their teeth. Or, the absolute most cringeworthy scenario, sleeping.

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This is not love, this is stalking. It’s also a clear sign that the person posting these photos is probably insecure about their relationship and feels the need to prove to others that everything’s fine. That impending break-up sure is going to hurt. We’ll see you in the Inkwell filter in 3..2…

Want to know what it means if you’re smiling and laughing in your photos? Or if you’re perfectly framed in each one? SheerLuxe has you covered.


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