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5 Apps That Help You Get The Perfect Last-Minute Halloween Costume

Halloween is stressful. Store-bought costumes are easy to find but, unless you bought your costume three months in advance, odds are you’ll spend over $50 on a outfit that’s not even that great. Honestly, how many times can you dress up as a giant baby without it getting old? 

Luckily for all this is a common struggle and, through the use of several handy apps, people have found ways of selling and purchasing rare to find items and clothes at discounted prices. You can find anything on these apps, from full fledged costumes to an item you’ve been looking for and haven’t yet found. They all require a little creativity from you (and some browsing) but these 5 apps all offer different kinds of items depending on your costuming needs. Check them out:


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This app is free for downloading and connects you to millions of people who are selling all sorts of clothing items and accessories.


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This website specializes in discount designer items, making it the perfect app for when you’re outfit is almost complete but you’re missing that thing that ties it all together.


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Depop offers clothing items and jewelry, but they also have a large inventory of interesting and rare to find books, movies, magazines and art. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect book to complete your Hermione costume (might we suggest Hogwarts, A History?). Who knows? Think big.


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This is an interesting app, offering your normal clothing items to sell, but also offering the option of purchasing complete outfits.


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This app makes it very easy to sell stuff while also connecting you with sellers and buyers who live near your area, facilitating shipping and delivery.

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