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The Most Discussed Topics On Tinder In 2019

  While millennials chose to gush about traveling this past year, younger generations were more likely to discuss their missions and political affiliations.

There’s not one aspect of our lives that isn’t dominated by heated political talk, not even Tinder. Recently the dating app, like many other companies, released a summary of their year, discussing how people are interacting through their app, including the most talked about politicians.

The Year in Swipe – What 2019 Taught Us About the Future of Dating highlights how important politics have become for Tinder users in recent years, a topic that unites or separates potential matches.

“Relationship pairings are about value systems,” Dr. Katherine Hertlein, a professor of the Couple and Family Therapy program at the University of Nevada, told Mashable. “One way to evaluate the value system of another is through knowledge of an examination of their political stance.”

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Among the many interesting discoveries Tinder made with its review is the fact that while millennials chose to gush about traveling, younger generations were more likely to discuss their missions and political affiliations.

bernie sanders blasts marijuana prohibition in his new book
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Members of the app are much more vocal about climate change, gun control and social justice when compared to previous years.

Among the most mentioned politicians are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren and Greta Thunberg. The app makes no distinction on whether users actually supported said politicians, but knowing that Gen Z makes up the biggest bulk of Tinder, you can make an educated guess on who stands where.

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Other fun bits of information Tinder revealed include the fact that the facepalm emoji represented everyone’s feelings, that Lizzo and the reunion of the Jonas Brothers were one of the most breached topics of discussions, and that 30% more users were open to dating all genders when compared to previous years.

Next year is an election year, which means that all of this political talk is heavily influenced by the fact that our stress is at an all time high. Honestly, it’s kind of felt this way since 2016.


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