Friday, July 19, 2024

An Australian Rapper Dove Into The Ocean To Avoid Paying Seafood Bill

An Australian rapper, real name Terry Peck, rapper name 2Pec, did something that everyone wishes they could, but often cannot afford to do: he enjoyed himself a really fancy dinner. Like $621 worth fancy dinner, a meal that included—allegedly—two lobsters, a baby octopus, 17 vodka oyster shooters, and a “number of Coronas.” That’s good eating.

But 2pec did not pay for this meal. Instead he dined and dashed in a way you probably won’t believe. He took off, running down the beach and diving into the ocean, swimming as far away as possible to get away. The wait staff chased after him. Eventually, two police hopped aboard jet skis and arrested Peck in the middle of the ocean.

Peck appeared in court Monday, charged with stealing and two counts of serious assault on a police officer. He was ordered by an Australian magistrate to never return to the restaurant and remain in his home while the case is being heard.

Peck disputed the claims to Australia’s ABC News and complained that the lobsters were “overcooked.”

“They should be apologising to me for the shell … [and] the overpriced food,” he said.

In addition, Peck stated he’d run away from the restaurant to find and help a friend who was giving birth on the beach. The problem was he was arrested before locating her.

Because this story isn’t ridiculous enough, here is 2pac “Hail Mary” re-imagined to fit this alleged crime:

Run with me!
Hail Mary, swim quick, Aussie
Do you wanna dash and dine?
Na na-na-na na na na

Next time you want to dash and dine from an expensive seafood restaurant, now you have your runaway music. You’re welcome.

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