Monday, April 15, 2024

This Baby Was Named After The Olive Garden

Justin and Jordan Garton really love Olive Garden, which is why they’re naming their baby in a way that directly references the place. The baby will be named Olivia and her last name will be Garton, (Olive Garden, get it?) and the parents claim that this is due to their undying love to the Italian restaurant.

According to The Daily Meal, the couple has spent a lot of their time and shared a lot of dates on the restaurant, even going there to find a cheap place to eat when they were going through a financial rough patch (Pasta Passes allow you to eat pasta there for an economic price and as many times as you want).

Olive Garden obviously loved the fact that they love their restaurant so much, which is why they tweeted back at the family and offered them a present.

The trolls, obviously, couldn’t wait to come out.

We’ll anxiously wait for the Gartons next baby. We’re sure we’ll be surprised.


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