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This Couple Has Created A Sex-On-Demand Button

So much for foreplay.  A couple, married for 15 years, has created a “love button” that signals to your partner when you want to have sex.

Ryan and Jenn Cmich created LoveSync about a year ago when, according to Jenn, “our relationship was in a little bit of a lull.”

Ryan says he was lying in bed one night and found himself thinking that “there’s a good chance that [Jenn’s] stressed about work, tired, and just not interested in having a little fun. But I couldn’t help but think maybe I’m wrong. And maybe she was thinking the same thing that I was. Maybe we were missing out.”

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He admits to being a little bit of a wuss since making his desire known to his wife made him vulnerable to rejection “or worse, I add to her stress by making her feel bad that she’s shooting me down.” And while no babies were conceived that night, LoveSync was born!

Fortunately, Ryan is a robotics engineer so he was able to design a device that lets you know when your partner wants to have sex. Communication in a relationship is so 2018.

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Here’s how LoveSync works.

Step 1: Place a button on each one of your nightstands.

Step #2:

Step 3: Similar to Tinder, if your partner also taps the button, it’s go time! If they don’t? Sorry, loser.

According to the product’s Kickstarter page, “It provides the most benefit for couples who tend to not be as frequently outward about their sexual desires, BUT even those with above average drive have room to improve!”

The couple exceeded their Kickstarter goal of $7,500 in just two days.

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