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This Horrifying Shark Attack Will Give You Nightmares

Sharks are scary; that’s a belief registered in our collective unconscious. Even though there are approximately 70 shark attacks a year and your odds of getting attacked by a shark on the beach are about one in 11.5 million, it’s hard not to to be scared when media makes such a big deal out of them. Shark attacks are brutal and terrifying, and they also sell like hotcakes, which is why the Discovery channel dedicates an entire week of their programming to airing the scariest bits of shark footage available. This fear is made even worse during the moments when someone’s holding the camera at the right (or wrong) time. 

Parker Simpson was attacked by a reef shark in this crazy video while diving in the Florida Keys. The footage is made even worse due to his GoPro camera, which makes us feel like we’re underwater with him. The sound of the water, the gushing blood contrasted with the blue of the sea, and the torn leg make the video look like a virtual reality experience. We dare you to watch this on a large TV screen with the lights turned off.

The unlucky diver created a GoFundMe page to help out with the costs of the surgery and where he explains in much more gory detail what happened during the attack. Thankfully, he survived due to his diving buddy who was trained in first aid and who saved his life.


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