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This Is Exactly How Long Men And Women Want Sex To Last

Twenty-five minutes and 51 seconds. That’s how long women want sex to last. And men? Almost exactly the same amount of time.

A new survey of 3,836 people across the globe finds that men would like to be having sex for 25 minutes and 43 seconds. That’s only 10 seconds less than the women. The sexes can finally agree on something!

But wait. According to the survey conducted by UK dating site SaucyDates:

The bad news for the entire planet is the average man in any country and of any age cannot get close to hers or his ideal duration. There will be exceptions that do, but on average it’s a disappointment for all. Both men and women are not reaching the duration they both desire.

And now for some good news again. The country with the most staying power is the USA. We win…at something. Finally! We ranked well above the international average for nearly every age range. Canada is next on the list. India is last, but:

The trend in India is different to other regions and their men get better and better with age. By aged 50 they are very close to the rest of the world.

The survey finds that in most countries, there’s “a noticeable trend” in which intercourse duration increases with a man’s age and then later decreases. It hits its peak in the 30s.

How long does sex last
Infographic courtesy of Saucydates.com

The study speculates that circumcision might play a role in the lack of performance in the lower-ranking countries. While the three highest ranking countries (US , Canada and Australia) have a circumcision rate of 20-80%, the UK and India have circumcision rates below 20%. Could the reduced sensitivity of circumcision improve duration?

The takeaway here: men in their 30s are the top performers, 18-year-olds are the worst, and older men are somewhere in between. Oh, and both men and women are universally unsatisfied with the length of intercourse they’re currently receiving. Disappointment: the great uniter.


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