This Is The Best Time Of Day To Have Sex

It's when hormones are at their peak.

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They don’t call it “afternoon delight” for nothing. If you want to get a little more action between the sheets, experts advise on setting your alarm for 3 p.m. — the primetime for love making.

While it’s cliche to talk about a man being aroused in the early to mid-mornings when his testosterone levels peak, late afternoons should  not be ignored.

Hormone expert Alisa Vitti tells the Daily Mail that 3 p.m. is beneficial for both sexes because it’s a time when men have the highest levels of estrogen in their bodies, which makes them ‘more emotionally present’ during sex, and women have the highest levels of the hormone cortisol pumping through their veins, which makes them energetic.

While this may not seem like a logical set-up for satisfaction, given the previous endorsement of testosterone, the combination actually makes men more emotionally present during sex and better able to focus on (a woman’s) needs and satisfaction,” said Vitti.

Vitti explains that “men are more interested in initiating sex” in the mornings and “are more capable of a better sexual response.” But she says “afternoon delight” is definitely a thing.

If it’s not possible for you and your partner to synch up in the afternoons — because, you know, work — your next best bet is right when you wake up in the morning. While men get that surge of testosterone, sex therapist Suzie Hayman tells the Daily Mail that women “tend to be more tactile and responsive” upon waking.

It’s also the time when women are more likely to orgasm and conceive.

If that fails, there’s also the 10 days leading up to ovulation. As any woman know, their sexual desire skyrockets during this time because of heightened estrogen and testosterone levels.

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