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This Video Of A Woman Peeling A Peach Is Freaking Out The Internet

It is hot in here?

Peeling A Peach
Screenshot via Instagram & Snapchat Videos/Youtube

Peach season is here, and if you didn’t know that already, you sure will have that fact engrained into your head after watching this slightly NSFW video of a girl simply peeling the fruit.

It started with this Tweet, which went viral:

And then a gif:

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So, how’d sh get the skin off so quick? In a move that would make Tinder proud, he likely boiled a ripe peach for 30 seconds and then plunged it into ice water. At least that’s what the pros say.

Even though the skin of a peach contains the most nutrients, you can bet it will be a second before anyone eats a peach any other way than peeled.

Now, go buy yourself some peaches.

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