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This Week’s Music: Jonas Brothers, Carly Rae Jepsen And Solange Release New Songs

This Week’s Music is a weekly column that discusses the weeks’ best, worst, and most interesting songs. We try to select songs of different artists and genres to keep things interesting and to please a variety of music fans.

This week was a packed one for pop music, with the comeback of the Jonas Brothers (please stop screaming) and two new songs from Carly Rae Jepsen. On the other end of the spectrum, Solange makes her return, releasing a new album that pushes the limits of music genres and makes us marvel at the overflowing talent of the Knowles sisters.


Jonas Brothers – Sucker

Released along with an impressive and extravagant music video, “Sucker” does not deviate an inch from the Jonas Bother’s winning formula. It’s a fun and simple song, an earworm that digs deeper upon each listen, and that’s endearing and nostalgic for fans who’ve followed the trajectory of the band’s careers. It’s reassuring that the Jonas Brothers’ pop sound hasn’t aged a bit, but also disappointing. While it’s delightful to watch Sansa Stark and Priyanka Chopra wreak mayhem within an idyllic castle, I wish there was more depth and bite to the song.

Carly Rae Jepsen – Now That I Found You

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More playful than the available songs of her upcoming record, “Now That I Found You” is a vibrant ode to the 80’s. It’s typical Carly Rae Jepsen dance song, with lovely and heartsick lyrics that make you want to jump around in your room, down the street, wherever you’re listening to it. The singer’s new album remains untitled and is expected to come out within the coming months.

Hip Hop

Solange – Way to the Show

Solange is one of the best combinations of weird and mainstream. Under the shadow of Beyonce, Solange has to be revolutionary in order to stand out, which is exactly what she’s done with her last two albums. Both “A Seat at the Table” and “When I Get Home” push the boundaries of music, delivering contemplative and fun songs that are almost shapeless. Anything can happen in a Solange record, and it’s an amazingly rare feeling. “Way to the Show,” evokes playfulness in its lyrics and beats, and it makes you want to dive deep into her sound.

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