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Someone Is Flushing So Many Euros In Europe It’s Clogging Toilets

Swiss authorities have launched an investigation in hopes of figuring out why someone flushed over thousands of euros down the toilets of a bank and some nearby restaurants in Geneva.

It all started when a bank called the police and reported that their toilet was clogged because it had been stuffed with dozens of 500 euro bills that were cut up with scissors. A few days later, restaurants from around the area started calling and reporting the same problem; their toilets were clogged with 500 euro bills.

Even though it’s not illegal to destroy bills in Switzerland, the authorities are still looking into the matter due to the large quantities of money that were destroyed. While the destruction of bills is not penalized in Switzerland, the destruction of large amounts of money is forbidden under European Union law.

There must be something behind this story. That’s why we started an investigation.”

Said Henri Della Casa, spokesman for the prosecutor’s office of Geneva. So basically, the police is super curious about the motive behind this toilet money destroyer, and they have nothing else to do.

After brainstorming for a while, we think the robber got super scared once he/she stole the money from the bank, which made them run to the nearest bathroom, cut up the bills in little pieces, and flush them down the toilet as a way of getting rid of the evidence. Since he/she had stolen so much money, several toilets were used as a clever way to get rid of the bills (sadly, it still backfired). He/she had the guts to steal the money, but not the balls to keep it. We feel you.


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