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Training For A 10K? Check Out These 5 Apps

Preparing for a 10K run is not easy, especially if you’re someone with a below-average workout routine. While training for a race may sound simple —  you just have to run, how hard can it be? — there are apps out there that can help smooth out the process by providing a bit of support. These apps keep track of your runs, helping you achieve your long term goals by letting you monitor your stats and personal progress.

Bustle compiled a list of the best free running apps out there. Check out 5 of our favorites.

Nike + Run Club

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Nike has really good workout apps that act as your personal training coach, and Run Club is the most recognized and trusted app on this list. Nike’s running club features a bunch of cool features such as GPS tracking of runs, audio guided runs, and weekly and monthly challenges that push you to work hard. You can also customize your workouts on the app depending on your needs and goals.


This app is focused on sports that cover distances, such as running, cycling, and walking, becoming your personal trainer that motivates you to work hard and put in the necessary effort. According to Endomondo’s website, the app includes watches, sensors, and other tools that enhance your workout experience and provide relevant information such as your heart rate.


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While Runtastic began as an app exclusively for runners, it branched out its focus to include  all sorts of athletes, tracking their progress and offering encouragement when needed. The basic app features all the necessary tools for a runner app including GPS tracking, and monitoring of your workout. Runtastic Pro, the paid version of the app, takes things further by including live coaches, workout programs for all sorts of athletes, and videos that can help you stretch and improve your running technique.


RunKeeper is another app that’s famous amongst runners including the basic features such as GPS tracking of runs, audio cues for encouragement, and details about your pace and distance. What sets RunKeeper apart is the personal challenges it offers to you, which are based on your progress.

Map My Run

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Map My Run has over 50 million users and is ranked as one of the most used sports apps. The app tracks your runs and offers tips and stats in order to help you improve your performance. It also allows you to discover new map routes, and choose different workout programs.


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