Monday, June 5, 2023

Twitter Can’t Stop Mocking These Dumb Whiskey Pods

A Scottish distillery released whiskey stuffed pods and Twitter can’t stop comparing them to Tide Pods.

Remember when Tide Pods were considered a health hazard because of their delicious looks? Glenlivet, a Scottish distillery, is apparently still thinking about this, releasing a collection of whiskey-filled pods.

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The Tide Pods scandal began as early as 2012, when the pods first entered the market. In the span of a year, over 7,000 cases of kids ingesting these yummy looking pods were reported to authorities. It wasn’t until 2017 that the Tide Pod craze boiled over, becoming a meme where teenagers on social media challenged the other to eat Tide Pods. That’s when Tide had to step in and announce that their pods were a health hazard.

Two years later and Glenlivet introduces these capsules. “No ice, no stirrer, no glass,” is how their pods are advertised. Some journalists have compared the drinks to Gushers, ignoring the most glaring influence: delicious looking laundry detergent.

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Who’s down for some whiskey to go?



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