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WATCH: Here’s A Genius Hack For Putting On Band-Aids

There comes a time in your life where you feel too old to be learning a new way to do something you’ve been doing your whole life. Like, if someone told you you were washing your hair wrong or putting on deodorant incorrectly, you’d probably be hesitant to change your ways. Now, word comes that many of us have been putting on Band-Aids all wrong. Yes. Band-Aids.

There is a little known hack making its rounds on social media that requires nothing more than a pair of scissors and two quick cuts in you bandage. The entire thing takes seconds and will forever change your life for the better. Unlike changing the way you wash your hair, you’ll want to incorporate this new way of taking care of yourself.

Thanks to 5 Minute Crafts, we are now woke to First Aid.


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