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4 Everyday Tech Hacks You Need In Your Life Immediately

We’re all addicted to video hacks that try to make life easier, like teaching you how to fold a present in seconds, or telling you how to make your own set of touchscreen gloves for a cheap price. If you have a little bit of arts-and-crafts in you, these solutions can speed things up while also not draining you of your will to live. 

The following tech hacks, compiled by Komando, are all useful and fast, because no one wants to do all that hard work for a hack that’s supposed to simplify things.

Check out 4 of our favorites:

Find Your Phone With Alexa

Losing your phone happens all the time and the stress you feel is never any less awful. If you have an Alexa, then you can simply say “Alexa, trigger find my phone,” and the device will call your phone number, allowing you to hear the ringtone or the vibration if the device is inside or near your house.

Use Your Old Tablet As A Picture Frame

Music Video Picture Frame GIF by Radical Face - Find & Share on GIPHY

Old devices can always be found lying around the house gathering dust. You can clean up your old tablet and load up Photosnack, a site that’ll create a slideshow out of your Facebook or Flickr account. You can also make a slideshow with the images that are on the tablet.

Amplify Your Phone’s Speakers

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This trick is the oldest one in the book, and a lifesaver if you’re with friends and don’t have any speakers. Put your phone in a dry cup or bowl and play the music as loudly as possible. You won’t feel like you’re in a club, but this trick really works.

Test Your Remote Control Batteries

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With a phone, you can switch on the camera and aim the remote at the lens. Through your phone’s screen, if there’s any battery, you should see a faint light that flickers when you press a button on the remote. If the remote shows no light, then it means that the batteries have run out. This trick works because cameras are better at recognizing light than the naked eye.


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