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Here’s How To Get Meghan Markle’s ‘Audrey Brows’

As Meghan Markle gets ready to walk down the aisle, she’s paying special attention to her appearance. And one feature she’s pampering in particular are her brows. And from one style icon to another, Markle is addicted to a brow treatment named after Audrey Hepburn, who was famous for her eyebrows.

Where else would Markle go to get her brows tended to other than a salon that has an Audrey Brow’ treatment?

Her personal brow stylist, Sherrille Riley, tells PEOPLE, that the procedure is “particularly flattering on Meghan because it’s a really natural style and it really compliments her features — she’s a beautiful woman.”

Riley operates the Nails and Brow salon in London’s Mayfair and has been tending to Markle’s brows since the summer of 2016. She says Markle came to the salon on recommendation from another member of the Royal Family.

According to PEOPLE, the $65 Audrey Brow treatment involves maintenance, tinting, threading and a bit of tweezing. Riley, who also maintains the brows of Princess Beatrice, says the first step to getting Markle’s brows is to grow them out before shaping the brows as straight as possible “making sure that the tail ends are lifted upwards. Fill in any gaps with a brow pencil.”

As if we could love Markle any more, Riley says the future bride is as nice as she appears to be, saying, “Meghan is very relaxed and it’s just like talking to any other person, which is refreshing. She is very real and very natural and very, very smart. She’s confidant but in a soft, friendly way and very matter-of-fact. She has a real presence about her.”



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