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This Cool Video Essay Explains Everything About Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson is one of Hollywood’s biggest and most beloved film directors. While the movies he’s directed have had varying degrees of success and critical acclaim, we’ve all seen at least one of them and have our favorite, which we’ll defend to the ends of the Earth (The Royal Tenenbaums, duh).

This video essay, made by Candice Drouet, shows some of the Anderson’s biggest visual influences, comparing scenes from his own films to different paintings, illustrations and other film sequences made by other artists. The video places the images side by side, allowing you to compare them and notice the influence that they’ve had on Anderson’s work. The video also allows you to notice some sequences in Anderson’s movies that are a clear homage to older paintings and films.

The essay shows us a little bit of Anderson’s varied taste of different types of art and films, which include super famous moments from movies like ‘Vertigo’, to more obscure choices, like an image from the Austro Hungarian Empire of the 1900. These influences demonstrate the incredible amount of research Anderson does for his films and are a sure reason why he is one of the world’s most accomplished directors.

You can watch more videos like this one on Candice Drouet’s Vimeo account, where she makes many more analyses and comparisons of movies.


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