Tuesday, March 21, 2023

What We Learned From #MannequinChallenge And How It Began (Maybe)

UPDATE 11/8: The #MannequinChallenge has officially gone mainstream. On Election Day, Hillary Clinton and her staff decided to pose for a video, featuring Bon Jovi of all people. It’s really not that bad, though they earn some negative points for not playing “Black Beatles” in the video.

As described, the #MannequinChallenge doesn’t sound that interesting. A bunch of high school kids or rappers or sports athletes stand in place, frozen, and a camera rotates around the room. A rap song plays in the background—usually Rae Sremmurd’s infectious hit “Black Beatles.” It’s the latest viral sensation spreading and you might be soon asked to participate in one. So is it any fun?

Well, watch a video and the results, done well, are mesmerizing. (More on those misses later.) Maybe it’s something voyeuristic about the videos or the intricate poses people hold, but let’s not get analytical: it’s plain fun.

Below is the original video from some kids in a Jacksonville area high school believed to have started the trend.


From that small kernel the videos have only grown more daring and creative. High school kids are even getting teachers and administrators and baseball coaches to participate.


Rae Sremmurd delivered a huge visibility boost for the trend when they paused a concert to stunt a #MannequinChallenge. Their video seems like inspiration for later videos where after holding the poses, the participants lose it and wild out.

The duo aren’t the only ones from the rap world to film a #MannequinChallenge. Young Thug had one recorded outside a private jet that included a snippet of an unreleased record featuring 21 Savage.


Some folks on the internet have really taken these videos to the next level with kids hanging out in water or freeze-framing a ping-pong game or even convincing a cat to sit still.

It also didn’t take long for the sports world to take part in the challenge, posing in locker rooms and on the football field. The UWF video is probably one of the most impressive you’ll see.



But alas, not all are meant to pose still as mannequins. Following the Dallas Cowboys’ win against the Cleveland Browns Sunday, team executives tried their hand at the trend. Unfortunately for them, it was a fail.

It’s not all bad for Dallas. Cowboy players filmed a more impressive and authentic #MannequinChallenge to celebrate their 7-1 start to the season on their team plane.


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