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Why Facebook Challenges Have Gotten Lame And How To Change The Trend

Facebook trends used to be really fun, creative and silly. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? The Running Man Challenge? Kylie Jenner lips? Good times! I did all three in an afternoon. Now it’s all about boring stuff that is just a tweak away from being awesome.

A list of 10 things you have done, one of which is a lie is the newest trend. It’s stupid because it’s always an unimaginative subject. Concerts, TV shows, and places visited are the most common lists posted. If this has to be a thing, make it interesting. Why not “10 Useless Things I Would Spend My Tax Refund On One Of Which Is Illegal” or “10 World Leaders I Would Sleep With One Of Which Is With Me Right Now.” Spice it up!

Another eye rolling trend is a meme asking us to like or share it. One like equals one prayer. One share equals one miracle. Only 1% percent of people will have the courage to post this to their wall. Whoever invented this trend is a straight up psychopathic, butterfly shooting, orphanage burning monster. Nobody wants to participate in the sharing trend but you do it because you’ll feel guilty if you don’t. The worst part is it doesn’t make a difference to anybody if you like or share at all. Instead of sowing guilt, make something people would want to like and share. One like equals a ten cent donation to Make A Wish Foundation. One share equals a guaranteed faster time at your next DMV visit. Hell, we’ll make your enemies disappear if you post a comment. Incentives!

Ghandi probably once said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” That’s why I lead by example and try make a trend more interesting or I ignore it completely. I was alone when I put a twist on it and did the Scalding Water Challenge but my screams and second degree burns helped add a new approach to Facebook trends and you can too.

Only 2 percent of people will read this article in the bathroom.

Dan Pena is an LA based stand up comedian, actor and writer. He grew up in Houston, TX and graduated from Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. He’s written several film scripts and contributed articles for the now defunct online satire news source The Hollywood Leek. Big shouts out to his dog Grendel and his girlfriend Annie. Go Texans!

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