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YouTube Ads Will Soon Be Much Harder To Skip

YouTube ads
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YouTube recently announced that content creators who monetize their videos will soon have the ability to enforce non-skippable ads, a great thing for YouTubers but an annoying thing for us viewers. This measure will allow creators the ability to earn more money, since advertisers pay more for these types of ads.

According to Mashable, non-skippable ads are primed to become the website’s default. Content creators will also have some measure of control over the types of ads that appear on their videos through the use of Adsense. This service allows creators the ability to block out specific categories of ads or specific advertisers in order to appease their viewers since now they’ll have to sit through the entire ad before they can watch whatever it is that they want to watch. Which is probably not ads.

Users have mixed feelings regarding this new update. While some claim that non-skippable ads are a good way of making money and a sign that YouTube takes their work seriously, others believe that this measure will only prevent viewers from watching their stuff and believe that other video platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook, are now providing better deals.

One of the benefits of this change is the fact that ads are now shorter — just 20 seconds at most. YouTube’s announcement was first released on a video from Creator Insider, one of the website’s official channels. You can check out the full clip below.

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