Sunday, January 19, 2020
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At Last Night’s VP Debate: The Most ‘Elaines’ Since ‘Seinfeld’ Went Off The Air

Vice presidential candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence had a lot to say last night at the veeps’ debate in Farmville, Virginia. (Not to be confused with FarmVille, the Zynga game.) And much of what they said included name-checking the debate’s moderator, CBS anchor Elaine Quijano.

In fact, as this clip reveals, at times the two highly caucasian gentlemen seemed to be participating in a secret game to see who could say “Elaine” more often. While this sounds like perhaps the most-boring drinking game of all time, it makes for some pretty sweet viewing!

Thanks for that, Vice News! And thanks for being an Elaine, Elaine!

Finally, we give thanks for being reminded that binge-watching Seinfeld (sup, Elaine!) is a totally worthwhile way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.




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