Monday, December 9, 2019
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Watch: College Kid Proves He’s Sober By Juggling For Cops

Sometimes you really were doing nothing, officer. That’s what one University of Central Arkansas student told the police when they pulled him over, citing a broken taillight and suspicious driving, possibly under the influence.

To prove his sobriety, Blayk Pucket did what any reasonable human would in this situation: he started juggling. No, that’s right. Turns out Pucket is a magician and if you read his license plate closely in the video below, it reads, “JUGGLER.”

Quickly the policemen realized that Pucket wasn’t drunk, but they all laughed along as he juggled. One officer even took Pucket’s phone and recorded a video for him.

So we’ve learned two things here today: a) those magic lessons were worth it, mom and dad and b) as Pucket wrote in his Facebook caption, there’s a new sobriety test in town.

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