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Starbucks Introduces Barrel-Aged Coffee; Canned ‘Hard’ Coffee Hits Shelves

You know it’s time for a trend to go out to pasture when Starbucks grabs onto it. Recently, the company introduced nitro-brew, followed by a spiked beer drink. Now, it’s whiskey barrel-aged beans.

As of Monday, the Seattle Reserve Roastery is using barrels from nearby Woodinville Whiskey to infuse Sulawesi (Indonesian) beans, which are being showcased in two drinks: a cold brew flavored with vanilla syrup, and a hot Con Crema pour-over with barrel-aged vanilla syrup, topped with cascara sugar and foam. The beans are also available retail.

Right now, the barrel-aged beans are available exclusively at the Seattle roastery for a limited time.


Meanwhile, in the midwest…Minnesota and Wisconsin will be the first to get their hands on a new alcohol-infused canned coffee from Bad Larry’s.


Bad Larry’s has teamed up with St. Paul’s Blackeye Roasting company to produce a “hard” coffee that contains 180 mg of caffeine, sugar and grain alcohol (6% ABV).

Daily Coffee News reports the cold brew portion of the drink is “composed of a Brazilian blend that is roasted to a medium profile to accentuate smoothness and nuttiness,” and that “the beverage is not carbonated or nitrogenated, but it is packaged with liquid nitrogen” and has a “brandy-like aroma.”

Bad Larry’s Cold Hard Coffee begins distribution in May.

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