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Dogs Of Instagram: The Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is long considered a favorite of the toy breeds thanks to its fluffy double coat, always smily foxy-looking face, and vivacious energy. It has a big-dog personality inside its miniature build and makes an attentive watch dog for any family. For children who know the difference between a toy breed and a toy, the Pomeranian makes the perfect companion. They are easily trained and can become real tricksters and entertainers. While most common in orange and red, the Pom Pom comes in almost two dozen variations.

The Pom has seen history, too!  The breed originally weighed 20-30 lbs, but Queen Victoria bred them to their current size. Michelangelo had his pet Pomeranian by his side during the painting of the Sistine Chapel. Martin Luther had a Pomeranian named Belfarian often mentioned in his writing. And Mozart dedicated an aria to his beloved Pom, Pimperl.

Here, we find five of the most adorable Pomeranians of Instagram, beginning with the most adorable dog in the world, Boo. RIP.


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