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Eighth-Oldest American On Her 112th Birthday: ‘I Still Like Beer’

Old people earn the permission to basically say whatever they want. So long as they don’t say anything prejudiced—i.e. racist, sexist, etc.—everyone kind of lets them get away with it. And that is especially true when you happen to be the eight oldest human living in the United States.

Meet Lucy Treccasse, who just celebrated her 112th birthday. Born in 1905, Treccasse still remembers when the first radio broadcast on local Pennsylvania station KDKA. Her and her father were listening to the election results on Nov. 2, 1920, when Warren G. Harding was voted in as President. He is often ranked as the worst President in United States history.

As she told CBS KDKA, Treccasse has one secret to her longevity.

“Well, I never drink coffee,” Treccasse told KDKA. “I drink milk.”

But don’t get it twisted—this old gal still knows how to get down. For her 112th birthday, she decided to splurge with a friend and share a beer.

“She and I split one… I still like beer,” says Treccasse.

Perhaps why she likes beer so much? Her family brewed five-gallon crocks of beer during the Prohibition, which they would sell to family and friends.

When asked what she wants for her birthday by KDKA, the eighth oldest person in America responded simply.

“I have everything,” she said. “I’ve been coast to coast, clear to California and back, and I don’t want anything.”


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