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Watch This Guy Carry 154 Pounds Of Beer Down A 131-Foot Walkway

Who wouldn't want to drink with this guy?

154 pounds of beer
Screenshot via WCCO - CBS Minnesota/Youtube

Some goals are more applicable in life than others. Buying a Tesla? How is that going to make your life better? Being able to carry hella beer from the bar to your table? Now that’s a goal that has value. Oliver Strümpfel  knows what’s up. He carried 29 beer steins (about 154 pounds) to break his previous world record of 25 steins.

It all went down at a beer-and-drunkard packed tent at the Gillamoos fair in Abensberg, Germany on Sunday. Strümpfel’s only goal: to carry the beer-heavy steins down a 131-foot walkway without spilling more than 10 percent of the beer.

He made two attempts, breaking his own record both times —  27 steins and 29 steins, respectively. The latter attempt initially had Strümpfel lugging 31 steins, but too much beer spilled, knocking the number down to 29.

“I have been training since February three or four times a week in the gym, and that is awesome when I think that is 200 hours all for the 40 seconds I just ran,” Strümpfel tells DW.com.

Strümpfel says he plans to beat his own record again next year saying, “I know that I can carry more than 30 steins.” Watch and learn.

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