Saturday, October 1, 2022

These Women Invented A New Bath Bomb With A Tub Full Of Mac And Cheese

Forget your lavender, forget your peppermint, and forget your eucalyptus. If you’re looking for the most bomb bath bomb, what you need is to follow the example set by the forward-thinking youths at our finest universities and get youself the trendiest cleanser available: mac and cheese.

In typical college fashion, the idea began as an offhanded joke. Oklahoma State University students Ashley Randall and Madison Harper decided to bathe in a bathtub of mac and cheese recently as their roommate Anne Henry Maggio snapped some pictures. The post later went viral, much to the girls’ surprise.

“Ashley said she wanted to make 10 pots of mac and cheese and I said ‘Well why don’t ya bathe in it then?,’ and here we are,” Maggio told Mashable.

The girls would make 56 boxes of mac and cheese to fill the tub and used the gooey cheese to write “SEND NUDES” on the tile wall.

“Everybody’s always talked about, ‘I want to swim in a pool of pudding,’” Randall told Oklahoma State’s student newspaper. “Growing up you always hear, ‘What if there was a pool of jello?’ We just actually did it.”

The roommates said the cleanup process only took a couple hours. Though they didn’t expect to go viral, they plan on matching the food they used to charity. What’s more is the stunt is already inspiring some copycats on social media.

Next time you’re looking for a relaxing bath time, remember—grab a box of mac and cheese.

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