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Pineapples Are The New Pumpkins This Halloween And Here’s Why

Looking like a cross between Wilson from Cast Away and a squash that just returned from a beach wedding in Hawaii, pineapples make a pretty cute alternative to pumpkins and everyone is taking notice (that includes you now). As Halloween approaches, people are considering adopting a trend that started taking off last year: a tropical twist on everyone’s favorite Jack-o-Lantern.

As an added bonus, these look way cooler sitting on a bar, or next to wherever you’re making mixed drinks at your next party. Plus, they just look friendlier, not to mention they smell pretty great when they’re warmed by a candle.

Pineapple has been known to treat arthritis, boost immunity, prevent cancer, help digestion, improve vision and…just about everything else! A word of warning: because pineapple is a “meat tenderizer,” which makes it a great digestion aid, it can also result in the softening of your mouth parts ((lips, tongue, etcl). See? Pineapples can be spooky, too!

A carved pineapple won’t last as long as a pumpkin, and they’re a little trickier to carve, considering it’s the equivalent of giving a cactus a makeover. But on the flip side, as a way tastier bonus than toasted pumpkin seeds, you can actually eat the fresh pineapple as you gut the fruit (or hell, just pour in some vodka and skip the carving all together).

What you’ll need: a sharp pairing knife, a pair of gloves, a tea light, and a little more patience, as seeing your knife marks is more challenging on this thorny plant.

Here’s a visual.

And once you get the hang of pineapple, just think how easy carving all the other foods will be? (Not recommended: putting fire inside a tiny vegetable).


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