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Pornhub Will Caption Adult Videos For Those With Hearing Loss

The streaming platform wants to serve those with accessibility issues.

Pornhub To Caption Adult Videos For Those With Hearing Loss
Photo by Ethan Miller/Staff/Getty Images

You can chalk this up as either another publicity stunt from Pornhub, or an actual service geared to those with accessibility issues. The adult streaming platform announced that it will add closed captioning to its content library in an effort to serve those with hearing loss.

As Engadget reported, Pornhub will provide “descriptive and interpretative text” aimed at those unable “to hear the video’s original audio.” This service will be added to more than 1,000 videos and touch various genres on the platform.

In addition, it will allow its viewers determine emotional shifts in the video and who is speaking at any given time. Non-dialog sounds pertinent to the storyline or scene will also be included.

While other streaming platforms typically utilize an algorithmic system to caption videos, Pornhub will hand-caption their content. This move represents the other angle of the company’s accessibility efforts. Previously Pornhub launched videos that provided audio description for those suffering from sight loss.

Engadget actually checked if anyone watched those videos and reported that “several of them had around a million views.” So the market’s there. People want to consume adult content and Pornhub is willing to help them achieve that goal.

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