Monday, July 6, 2020
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These News Anchors Can’t Stop Laughing Over Ridiculous Workout Video

It was a Wednesday morning like any other at PIX11 New York, where reporters usually select a viral video of the day to air and to make comments on. Things took a turn when the workout video started playing, catching both news anchors off guard and making them crack up.

The news women’s surprise is evident from the second the video starts to play, one of them asking “What is going on?” while the other one wheezes with laughter and covers her face with whatever’s in hand. 

The reporters compare the Pelvic Thrust Workout to the Shake Weight, an invention so absurd and ridiculous that has been parodied to no end and that’s been registered into our collective unconscious as one of humanity’s horrors. 

The description of the Pelvic Thrust video claims that it’s the ideal choice of exercise for people who “like to ride horses in front of their TV and to giddy up in their own home”. Count me in.

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