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Wha? 7 Of The Strangest And Most Random Moments Of 2016

During this time of the year, when we’re so close to the beginning of 2017, the internet is filled with all sorts of lists ranging from the best and worst things that people can come up with. The lists rank all sorts of things, from shows, to movies, to food, to whatever the hell you can think of.

Here, at The Fresh Toast we wanted to come up with something fun and different, so we thought that a list featuring the most random and weird moments of the year would be entertaining, and that it would also fit well with the strangeness that was 2016. Thanks, Internet.

1- This Dude Who Wanted A Better Mugshot

After failing to show up to his trial for drunk driving, this man decided to send a better selfie to the Police Department because he wasn’t really feeling his mugshot. His priorities are definitely in order.

2- This Fitbit That Captured Heartbreak

When his boyfriend broke up with him, this guy decided to check out his Fitbit and tweet about it, which later became huge news, because, 2016. 

3- Monica Lewinsky’s Emojis

It seems like Kim Kardashian’s got some competish, since Monica Lewinsky is following in her footsteps and releasing her line of #BeStrong emojis.

4- These Selfies on a Plane

A guy boarded a plane and claimed that he was loaded with explosives. The natural response from passenger Ben Innes was to take a selfie with him. Enough said.

5- This Man Who Climbed Trump Tower

Never forget.

6- The Whole Creepy Clown Craze

For about month, a lot of people from different parts of the US started reporting that creepy and murderous looking clowns were popping out in random places, scaring everyone for seemingly no reason at all. The mystery still remains.

7- When B.o.B Claimed The Earth Was Flat

And was properly schooled by Neil Degrasse-Tyson.

8- Trump And Kanye’s Rendezvous

This might be even weirder than that time that Kanye claimed he was running for president.



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