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These 2 Lynxes Screaming At Each Other Is Everyone On Social Media

This video of two lynxes screaming at each other has gone viral for obvious reasons aside from the fact that it shows two huge cats fighting. First, it’s hilarious; the lynxes have very human-like screams. Second, it’s also surprisingly relatable, especially for people on Twitter and Facebook who find new reasons to scream at each other on a daily basis instead of making jokes and posting cute pictures.

It doesn’t matter what the argument is about. Social media has become the go to place where people can scream at each other without worrying over neighbors and spectators.

The video was first published by ABC News and was shot in Ontario by Edward Trist and Nicole Lewis, who were out for a ride when they stumbled upon the arguing cats. The couple couldn’t help themselves; they just had to record this epic dispute no matter what their survival instinct was telling them. Lynxes are huge cats, which is adorable but also terrifying. Regular sized cats are dangerous enough.

Trist claims that he recorded the cats for 10 minutes and that they didn’t even notice him because they were so into their argument. “It was really bizarre,” he said. “You (usually) just get a quick glimpse of them and they’re outta there. Two of them, together, head-butting each other and squaring off? It’s extremely rare.”

What are the lynxes arguing about? Marijuana laws? The Kardashians? The frigid weather? We’ll never know, but please keep going.


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