Saturday, July 11, 2020
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This Woman Hosts Super Bowl Parties And Food Trucks For Squirrels

These squirrels receive more love than you have ever given your pet. At least that’s the consensus regarding these squirrels lucky enough to live next to Ashley Deskins. Because like any good neighbor, Deskins hosts local get-togethers like Super Bowl parties, inviting community food trucks, and hosting a drive-in movie night.

Here’s the twist: All these are custom-made for the squirrels. That’s right. Deskins custom builds miniature dining sets that would make hipsters in Williamsburg jealous.

Her soft spot for the furry creatures started when Deskins and her husband returned home one day to find two injured squirrels. They hurried the poor guys to the vet, but apparently it was too late. The event inspired her into creating this safe spot for the squirrels to interact and play.

The move has been one of trial and error. “By observing the squirrels, I can determine what they feel comfortable jumping on,” she told Bored Panda.

“I will usually set up a scene and it could be hours before any visitors come by,” she said. “It can take several more hours before I can accomplish some finished images as they usually come, take their almonds and run.”



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