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Say What? Farmers Have Been Feeding Their Livestock Skittles For Years

Cows eating Skittles. It’s a thing.

The truth was uncovered recently after a truck carrying a load of red Skittles spilled all over the road in Dodge County, Wisconsin. The candy, it turns out, was intended for livestock.

WBAY reports that not just candy makers, but bakers often sell their rejects for cattle feed, because it’s a source of cheap carbs. And it’s been that way since 2012, when farmers couldn’t afford corn and needed a cheap way to feed their livestock.

For some cheap entertainment, read the comments under the Dodge County Sheriff’s Facebook post.


Some examples:
I’m not sure this would be good for cattle with all that awful artificial food coloring in it. Yuk.
Odd…so many worry about animals eating the same candy our kids eat.
I hope this is some kind of joke and you don’t really intend to feed that kind of crap they need to eat grass I’m [sic] not Skittles and you wonder what’s wrong with everybody why everyone sick all the time because the crap that you put in our bodies they put in our food common sense.

In other news, those hundreds of thousands of Skittles that were spilled were a lifesaver for drivers on the otherwise icy road.

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