Friday, December 13, 2019
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Watch A Cat Fearlessly Sled Down A Hill With His Owner

We don’t know a ton about this wonderful video of a man sledding down a hill with his cat happily perched on his shoulders. “My cat, Weston enjoys hitting the sledding run when it snows,” the YouTube description reads, which seems accurate enough based on what we can see in the clip.

“Here we go Weston. Let’s hope we don’t wipe out, buddy. Hang on, man! Picking up speed. Hi mom! Holy shiii…” the cat’s owner says in the clip before it suddenly cuts to another angle.

Weston seems to enjoy the ride. He crawls around a bit on his owner’s shoulders and at one point appears to dig his claws into the man’s shoulder for extra traction, but he faces the speed with an admirable wide-eyed fearlessness. As far as we can tell, both man and cat survived the ride unscathed.

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