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19 Hilariously Awkward Things New Baristas Have Done On The Job

Lots of things can go wrong when working in a coffee shop. There’s scalding coffee, blenders, hot water, and lousy customers to look out for. Throw in a new employee and things can really spiral out of control.

Instagram account @barista_life posted a question for its followers(h/t Foodbeast), asking them to share funny stories about new employees.

Ironically, most of the comments hinted at the fact that a lot of new hires didn’t know you had to grind the beans before you brewed them. Or that espresso shots didn’t belong in chai and green tea lattes. Perhaps it’s time to reconsider a job in coffee, guys.

1. shut_up_gracie: Washed and sanitized all the bananas ???

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2. _.yeezus__: Put a cakepop in the oven ????


3. maierin_: Put lemon loaf in the oven and got so embarrassed u shoved it in your apron pocket until you got home  ????

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4.¬†jhxoxojh:¬†Started to make an iced Americano with 190¬į water in an iced cup with no ice while it melted in her hands ?

5.¬†valiac:¬†Had a partner try to brew coffee without grinding the beans. Just straight coffee beans and hot water…

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6.¬†miss_haleigh: A barista thought you had to scoop ice with your hand the first time he went to make a frappuccino….had to burn the ice.

7. nathanmcfly88: my first holiday with eggnog lattes that were just eggnog steamers but no one complained til like my last one ?

8.¬†jennieweeden:¬†Had a new partner but the coffee beans in the coffee filter and run a batch. He didn’t understand why the coffee was so light.


9.¬†malia_ward77:¬†Partner overfilled the soap dispenser in the bathroom & then tried to put it back on…idk how much she filled it but I looked up to see suds floating down the hallway

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10.¬†jennieweeden:¬†Had a new partner but the coffee beans in the coffee filter and run a batch. He didn’t understand why the coffee was so light.

11. tylermorgan5645: Answered the drive thru with welcome to taco bell

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12.¬†thekoopakid:¬†Made a new barista try our “brownie”. Feed them a used espresso shot puck.


13. jessjess_yall84: Hit shots then used the rinse button as the water to make an americano

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14. morgannosullivan: When I first started I always forgot to pull shots and I gave away a lot of cups of hot sweet milk ?


15.¬†brookallen_:¬†sold almond milk 6 times, when we don’t have it…..

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16.¬†robynsessler:¬†New barista was making coffee… she measured the beans into the coffee filter and then put the coffee filter into the grinder ???

17. zacharyjhanley: Put an oatmeal in the oven. Like the whole thing in the packaging.

18. grittanybann: Showed a girl how to make strawberry smoothie, told her you use the whole banana, and she threw the WHOLE banana peel and all into the blender.


19.¬†grace_rocker: A barista told me to steam water to make it hotter for an americano. The water is already 200 degrees…

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