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Things That We Love: Pinot Meow And Chardognay

Because drinking with your pet is somehow less depressing than drinking alone, a Denver-based company has created dog and cat-inclusive wines that allow you to handcuff an innocent animal to your personal problems.

Apollo Peak offers three varietals (and counting) for cats: Pinot Meow, Catbernet and Moscato. And now, they’ve released a series for dogs: ZinfanTail and CharDOGnay. While it may seem like a novel idea, they’re not the first to stake this claim; the birthplace of Hello Kitty gets bragging rights.

Photo courtesy of Apollo Peak
Photo courtesy of Apollo Peak

The wines are made with a beet-based juice that includes catnip for cats and peppermint for dogs, so it’s safe for the whole family to enjoy. (Oh wait, you’re alone. Nevermind!). The cat-sized bottles start at $5, while the dog-sizes are $18. Both are currently available online.

Sit, boy! Roll over! Sip! Open up the bouquet!



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