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Mushroom Coffee Is A Thing And We Don’t Know What To Think

What could trump a cheese latte in the realm of weird food trends? How about mushroom coffee? All we need now is ham espresso and we’ve got ourselves a Denver omelette, amiright?

Mushroom coffee, which isn’t actually coffee at all, is shaping up to be the new health drink of 2017. We first heard about the suspect elixir last year, but it seems to be gaining traction. Tis the season for diet formulas.

Four Sigmatic has come up with a powder made from dried mushrooms that gives you the brain energy of coffee without the jitters and addiction. Each serving contains about half the caffeine of a regular cup of drip. There’s also mushroom hot cocoa.

Using antioxidant-rich mushrooms in common foods is nothing new. There’s a tasty raw chocolate made from a mixture of superfoods, including a potent raw mushroom blend, which you can’t even taste.

As for Four Sigmatic, people seem to be eating it up.

Back in August, Business Insider did a taste-test and said the mushroom powder tastes better than instant coffee, especially when a little creamer is added. On the downside, they found the mushroom coffee to taste completely different than actual coffee, and not in a good way.

Now, for the obligatory mushroom joke:

What do you call your male co-worker who drinks mushroom coffee every morning?

A fun guy.



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