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10 Moments When SNL Nailed It On All Things Marijuana

After hearing the news that possession of up to 25 grams won’t lead to an arrest in New York, Pete Davidson lead a mob of stoners to their newfound freedom on the streets of NYC.

It’s no secret that “Saturday Night Live” stays on top of the cultural pulse. What do they have to say about cannabis culture? Here are 10 times SNL was super silly — and sometimes a little serious — about marijuana legalization and smoker life.

Marijuana Policy’s Bright New Day

After hearing the news that possession of up to 25 grams won’t lead to an arrest in New York, Pete Davidson — who recently said that he uses marijuana to treat Crohn’s disease — leads a mob of stoners to their newfound freedom on the streets of NYC. At least, until they try to light up in public, and the cops shut them down. Considering marijuana is still a Schedule I drug in the DEA’s eyes, it might be a while before we enjoy that kind of freedom. In the meantime, enjoy a drug-rug wearing Woody Harrelson standing on a car in triumph.

Getting Your Vagina High

This Weekend Update from February 2016 included Michael Che announcing that a new marijuana-based vaginal suppository could help ease menstrual pain. He doesn’t make it through the punchline without getting the giggles. Read how we tried to get our vaginas high, here.

Bieber’s Hilarious Apology

The Biebs got caught on camera smoking in a Newport Beach hotel in 2013, stirring up a ridiculous controversy about how he was influencing his young fans. SNL turned out to be the perfect outlet for getting this issue out in the open, as he kinda-sorta apologizes in-character as a Miley Cyrus megafan.

Doctor Weed

This throwback to 1997 is still so great today. It was right after California made medical marijuana legal with Proposition 215, and opponents were no doubt imagining a world where Kevin Spacey’s weed-happy doctor would become a reality. They end with a PSA about saying no to medically prescribe marijuana, and keeping weed “on the streets where it belongs.” Genius.

“Deliver the pizzas”

Seth Myers nails in with this hot mess of a story about a drug bust on a pizza restaurant. Follow the pizza. Or don’t, and let the stoners live their happy lives.

Time Out For A Haiku

Keenan Thompson delivers an eloquent haiku for the class, titled “Where my weed at?”


What About The Babies?

Kate McKinnon and Drake take on an anti-marijuana Nancy Grace, played by Noel Wells. McKinnon’s bake shop owner goes hilariously into detail about her bakery’s newfound niche, and Drake’s Kat Williams is spot-on.

The Mellow Show

Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews, played by Adam Samberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, sit and chat a while for “The Mellow Show.” Have you seen their gecko? He can roll AND smoke doobies.

Margot Robbie’s Fashion Statement

The Suicide Squad and Wolf of Wall Street actor knows how to turn heads, but on this SNL cold open, she appeared in a dress with bold detailing: Marijuana leaves. As Fashionista reports, the dress is one of Alexander Wang’s cannabis-inspired fall 2016 floral lace numbers.


Coca-Cola Could Change The Cannabis Industry

They flirted with it in 2018 but with rescheduling will they make a move? Coca-Cola could change the cannabis industry.


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