15 Photos That Prove The Deconstructed Food Trend Needs To Die In 2017

R.I.P. deconstructed food. May you rest in pieces.

deconstructed food trend
Photo by Flickr user snowpea&bokchoi

A wise man once said:

Deconstructed food has overstayed its welcome. It’s no longer a trend, it’s an embarrassment. It’s become a Band-Aid for lazy cooking and catfish bait by wannabe chefs, who incorrectly assume people just love fancy plating (who doesn’t love a well-placed smear!).

At its best, deconstructed food is an art form; a style of preparation that is playful and different and absolutely delicious, with each component its own complete masterpiece. What deconstructed food is not is all the ingredients of a dish splayed out like an IKEA assembly line with an instructional sheet. In other words: tomato sauce + a shot of vodka + celery + dish of spices does not equal a deconstructed Bloody Mary. It’s mise en place.

The trend has been growing and morphing for years. If you’re not a molecular gastronomist, the food you attempt to make at home is unlikely deconstructed, rather just unfinished. Here are some examples of how far this “trend” has outgrown itself.

Unless this order is from Instacart, this has got to be a joke or something.

Like, seriously. WFT?

This guy gets it.

Isn’t chicken soup already deconstructed chicken? What’s happening here?


To be fair, that children’s book also thinks this trend is immature.

You know why nachos were invented? Because it’s way easier to pile all that stuff on top of your chips.

Here, let us help you with that wording. Deconstructed pie = pudding.

See above.

There’s a reason pie crust was invented: to keep the fillings inside.

No way is this even related to pie.

So, creme brulee?

That looks a lot like salad.

I believe they call this “deconstructed bottled wine”

Die, deconstructed food.

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