Tuesday, April 7, 2020
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Watch Steve-O Eat Super-Hot Wings Against Doctor’s Orders

It’s a wonder this man is still alive, let alone participating in a hot wings challenge. Jackass star and real life Wile E Coyote Steve-O took a turn on “Hot Ones” and devoured a dozen vegan hot wings (he’s an outspoken animal activist) without so much as flinching (the guy probably ruined his taste buds in some sort of flaming sword swallowing challenge or equally stupid stunt).

Eating the hottest pepper on earth will never trump the time Steve-O flung himself off a college balcony, breaking his cement landing with just his skull…and possibly the bag of weed in his pocket.

That’s just one of the insane stories Steve-O told while saucing himself . Other highlights include:

  • The time he climbed a 150-foot crane carrying an inflatable Orca to protest Sea World.
  • The first time he got arrested for a stunt was when he stapled his nutsack to his leg.
  • The time he jumped off a 35-foot overpass into the water from the bed of a moving truck.
  • The time he filmed himself jacking off onto a TV producer’s keyboard.
  • The time he recorded a rap song called Down with STDs when he was super high on PCP.

You’ll have to watch the entire video to hear the rest (yes, there’s lots more). Let’s all say a prayer tonight for Steve-O, asking that hot sauce not be the thing that finally kills him.



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