4 Insane Shark Videos That Might Ruin Your Summer

Get out of the water!

Photo by Brad Butler via Unsplash

Sharks have a really bad rep (blame Spielberg), but we still love to watch their videos, no matter how creepy they are and how much they make us want to swear off beaches forever. Check these out:

GoPro Shark

Selfie sticks and GoPros may be the principal reason why the world is in such a shitty state, but you can almost forgive these dudes because they captured this crazy and horrifying footage.

Shark Cage Breach

We have a lot of questions. For starters, who pays to be inside one of those cages? That doesn’t sound like the brightest idea. Also, who’s so relaxed after witnessing that horror? Crazy people, that’s who. Thankfully the guy was okay and now he has a very cool and awful story to share.

Spear Shark Attack

This video is pretty intense and bloody, so beware. They at least make it out of the water. We are NOT going to the Florida Keys. 

Horrible Compilation 

And, to cap off, a compilation of the scariest shark attacks online, creepy voice over included. Are you sure you still want to commit to that weekend beach getaway? 

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