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9-Foot-Gator Shocks Family After Breaking Into Home

Easter Sunday is a time for family and, if you’re into this kind of thing, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Generally speaking, it is not a time for a nine-foot-long alligator to climb 15 steps to your second floor porch, where it breaks through a screen door and smashes several pieces of furniture.

Susie Polston of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina told WCIV that her family was awakened by a sort of rumbling noise outside her bedroom at about 1:30 am. She thought it was one of two things: her daughter rearranging furniture for some reason in the middle of the night or a burglar.

“It sounded like aluminum rubbing up against aluminum,” she said.

But when she and her husband, Steve Polston, looked out onto their second floor porch they saw the big-ass gator just sitting there. “We thought it was a joke maybe and we knocked on the window and it moved. So we were like, ‘No, this is a serious prank if somebody did this,’” Steve said.

Prank or not, the gator really worked hard to get there: It climbed over a dozen steps and clawed its way through a screen door. It also broke a table and several other “porch items.”

“We were in disbelief that he actually made his way up the stairs, because we didn’t know alligators would climb stairs,” Susie said, adding that she’s going to install a more “gator proof” door now. “I feel like I’ll never be able to open these doors again without coming through here and looking out. here and scanning the whole porch.”

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